Dashrath’s uncanny understanding of space, light, form, colour and texture and their interconnectivities has enabled him to produce an amazing array of work in oils, watercolours, drawings and collages.At 80, he moved into digital media!
Even though each medium and its imagery were perfectly evolved, he resisted the need to formalise that particular body of work as ‘his style’, and risk getting type cast or iconified. His work was his ‘search’ and he is still actively following that ideology.
1949-1953 Studied fine art under Debi Prasad Roy Chowdhry at The College of Art, Madras
1953-1955 Post Graduate studies in fine art at Ecole de Beaux Arts
1957-1959 Bhulabhai Desai Institute, Bombay
1950–2007 Solo shows in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Madras, Bangalore, Paris, London, Prague.
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